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Welcome to Church!

Sunday Service - 10:30AM 

We preach. We pray. We get on with our day. 

Don't Let your day get in the way of making time for Church each Sunday

What to Expect During Service:

Our Sunday service will start with some music, a short announcement time regarding upcoming church events and opportunities. Then, we will dive right into an encouraging, practical message from the Bible. We will close with a song and prayer to get you going with the rest of your day.

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What we have for kids:

Kids are an important part of FBC Monroe.  Every Sunday we offer kid’s church for children (nursery-3rd grade) at our 10:30AM service.


Sunday Service - 10:30AM 



Church Membership

Church Membership is something that we hold special at FBC.  To us, membership is a covenant relationship that each member makes in their heart to commit to FBC as their church family.  That covenant is special because it speaks of a commitment that someone is making to FBC to be their church.  The power of that comes in the collection of all the people who make that covenant, pledging to come together as the local church to do the work of the local Body of Christ.   Many people attend church, but there is something significant about moving forward into a covenant membership, just like a couple that finally steps into a covenant marriage relationship.  There is a covenant and commitment that makes that union grow.  Membership is about a relationship and covenant you have with your church and with your pastor.  Membership also has requirements and privileges.  These are outlined in our Constitution and Bylaws.  If you would like to know more about church membership, please email the church office and we will get you started down that path.

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