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ABIDE Student Ministry

Abide exists to ground students in God’s Word for the purpose of them bearing good fruit and growing in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus. 

Our student ministry gathers every Tuesday night for an intentional time of discipleship through God’s Word and small groups sessions. The name ABIDE comes from John 15:4-5 where Jesus illustrates the essence of discipleship and growing as abiding in Him as the branch abides in the vine. Our goal is to see students abiding in Jesus and so remaining in Him long after they “graduate” out of youth group and go off to college or their respective vocations.

A typical Tuesday evening is broken up into four segments: 

  • The first 15 minutes when students arrive is designated for free time.
    Students can enjoy the game room, play four-square outside, and catch up with friends. 

  • Free time is followed by 20-30 minutes of expositional teaching from God’s Word. 

  • The teaching segment is followed by 20 minutes of small groups. Students are split into two groups, boys, and girls, with their small group leaders to discuss the message more in depth and ways they can apply it. 

  • The rest of the evening ends with more free time. 

David Johnson

Youth Director

 David Johnson. David minsters to our students on Tuesday nights by providing expositional teaching of God’s Word. Usually, David is working through a particular series that addresses questions, theology, or worldview issues, working through a set of verses for each topic.

Deacon David Johnson
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